Friday, 15 December 2017

Birthday Cake

It was my Grandson's second birthday today. He loves lorries, diggers and cranes so I made him a messy construction site cake. Messy but scrumptious.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Fabric SCrap Book 2

It's the same cover fabric as book 1 and some of the pages are similar but not the same

Digital prints on the left
Experiments with a wax resist, gelli print, art buttons, machine stitching on water soluble fabric

Transfer print sample with strips of paper, machine stitched cutwork leaves, paper layers with embroidery
Transfer print, puff binder samples

Handmade fabric from scraps and sheer, screen printed sample, devore sample
Painted and stitched paper

Layered painted fabrics with net top, machine embroidery, hand embroidery
Small pieces of fabric overlapped and joined with decorative stitching

Sweet wrapping papers layered with bubble wrap topping, machine stitched. Art buttons
Discharge printed sample, melted plastic sample on black fabric. Hand embroidery that I did on a t-shirt

Paper back printing overlaid with a sheer fabric, freehand machine embroidery, metal animal charm
Freehand machine embroidered tiger 

Transfer print [paints], the circle was hand painted, stitched and beaded, fabric flowers with machine embroidery
Painted fabric, melted plastic, machine embroidery and single decorative stitches

Gelli prints, machine embroidery, handmade cord, bead
Printed fabrics, one with textured wallpaper, layered fabrics with hand embroidery

Silk painting samples
Screen print, digital print [Queens], layered fabrics, distressed with net top and stitching

Screen print sample, machine stitching, beads
Sewing machine stitch sample [I no longer have that machine]

Small embroidery samples
Marbled background fabric, dyed lace and machine embroidery, quilted dyed fabric

Stamped fabric, machine stitched cutwork leaves, handmade cord
Dyed and bleached velvet with freehand machine embroidery, found bow

Marbled background fabric, painted lace and hand stitching, inkjet print sample, art button
Screen prints, some on chamois leather

Manipulated fabrics, some with wire
Layered squares of fabric - different textures

Layered and distressed fabric [burnt with soldering iron, net top layer embellished with embroidery], painted and stamped thick vilene, painted net from wall tiles, Florentine embroidery sample
Transfer print [paints], small digital print [to cover a mistake ha ha]

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Fabric SCrap Book 1

I've made three fabric books to use up some of my old samples and I've given them to my arty friends as gifts. So basically they are books of my old crap, which is stuff I didn't want to throw out but I also didn't want to leave in a drawer forever.

The inside cover is a piece of hand painted and stamped fabric. 
On the other side is fabric which was printed on an inkjet. I took the design from a photo of a tile at the Alhambra. I sewed on the metal decoration from my stash.

The next page has been printed with string or cord. I've added stitching to enhance.
Then a page with a background printed from wallpaper rubbing. There is a sample of a flower which was free machine embroidered done on water soluble stabiliser. Also some dyed lace and a small sample of smocking cut from something purchased.

The background fabric [thick coat fabric] behind the stitched  house [aida] has been screen printed plus ribbon and hand decorated fabric.
The circle - I used puff binder [expands when heated/ironed], paints then stitchery.

Different denims - sea, sky, boat. The hills are a handmade fabric -fabric scraps topped with sheer fabric.
Handmade paper with a painted layer of interfacing,then hand embroidered. A strip of fabric made by using transfer paints. Handmade art buttons.

I think I made a stencil for the flowers. Freehand machine stitched. For the strip at the bottom I used a Gelli Plate and stamps.
Machine stitched penguins with black fabric heads and painted feet and beaks. The lower strip is handmade paper - glued strips of paper, then stitched. 

Paper stencils, screen printed, the brighter parts painted by hand, machine stitched

Hand painted fabric plate, machine stitched. Stuffed spatula and egg yolk.
Distressed velvet [bleached and painted] Free machine embroidery. Found metal disc chain from stash.

Handmade fabrics - scraps and sheer, screen printed, devore.
Fabrics using resists, wax with found implements. Small fabric collage. Purchased butterfly.

The leaf is made from layers of sheer fabrics, net etc and machine stitched together. Behind that are  transfer crayon samples, one stitched then slashed.
On the other side there is applique and embroidery.

On the left are samples of embroidery [composite canvas stitches and open filling stitches]
On the right is a sample of rough edged mola

Small pieces of fabric overlapped and joined with decorative machine stitches.
Screen printed background. Freehand machine embroidery with metallic threads. The bird was a fabric gift from Australia.

The background fabric page was marbled.
The flower on the left was digitally printed on fabric made up from an original screen printed patterns, then machine stitched. The other sample is an attempt at machine smocking using decorative stitches on painted fabric.
The black samples on the right are a discharge printed sample and the lacy one is actually melted plastic with a black fabric background. Dyed and stitched leaves with recycled silk flowers.

Screen printed background fabrics.
The pinky sample is layered and distressed fabric [burnt with soldering iron with a net top layer embellished with sequins and stitched. An embroidered sample to the side. Handmade clay button and objects.
Screen printed New York scenes.

Layered squares of various fabrics.
Manipulated fabrics, some with wire.

Layers - Painted and stamped thick Vilene. Layered and distressed fabric [burnt with soldering iron with a net top layer embellished with embroidery.
Painted net from tiles.
Layered sheers and tree bark with embroidery.
Florentine embroidery.
And we are back to the inside cover which is a piece of hand painted and stamped fabric.
I used a book binding technique to join the pages together.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Year of the Dog Fabric Design

I created the dog below on my Samsung tablet for a Spoonflower fabric design challenge.
I transferred it to my computer, changed colours and added a blocky background.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Monday, 4 December 2017

Sunflower Brooch

I made this brooch in memory of my lovely niece who sadly died recently. Sunflowers were one of her favourite flowers so I'll wear it at her funeral tomorrow. She died after a battle with cancer and had just turned 40 which is way to young to die.
I took all these photos at the same time in the same room, but in different places. I don't like the brooch that much from looking at the photos, I think it looks better in reality. [I hope]

I made it by drawing on Evolon [which does not fray], then painting it with Inktense Blocks and water. I stitched French knots in the middle then surrounded them with beads. I covered a round metal brooch finding [the type that has 2 parts to it -  back with pin and top sieve disc] with painted Evolon so none of the metal would show. I then glued the sunflower to it.