Friday 17 May 2024

Friday Catch Up - 17 05 24

1. Fruit, 2.Cup & Saucer

3.Bucket, 4.Red

4.Red, 5.Food Mixer


7. Pen [two kinds - animal enclosure and writing implements]

8. Avocet, 9.Sunshine

10. Cardboard Box


12.Cathedral [Durham, UK]


My plant app says this is a Portland Rose but it isn't, it's a Camellia. I've had quite a few flowers on the shrub this year, the most ever, but unfortunately they don't stay on long and the blooms end up on the floor in a heap especially if it rains.

Hexies - English Paper Piecing
I've made quite a collection of hexies [293] so now I'm going to start sewing them together. I found a nice box to keep them in.

Looking through a hotel window at Saltburn

Pull up a Seat - Wallington

Thursday Doors - I found a couple more photos from Asia
The first was on a boat in Ha Long Bay, the second was a hotel room door.

A lovely big tree seen in Lumpini Park, Bangkok

I've actually been away to Cyprus and I will share a few photos with you over the coming weeks.
Enjoy your weekend.


Friday 26 April 2024

Friday Catch Up - 26 04 2024

Doodlewash Art Challenge
21. Paddleboard
22. Daffodils
23. Perfume Bottle
25. Osprey
26. Blueberry Danish
28. Sunflower
27. Starfish
29. Kayak
30. Vintage

Altered photo coloured in with oil pastels

Which way in the caves at Ha Long Bay

Also in the caves was this rock which I thought looked like a crocodiles head

Red Hot Cat's Tail or acalypha
I'm also including this rhubarb because I grew it in my garden. The only other edible things I grow are herbs.

I was fascinated by the items and number of people that could be carried on [sometimes adapted] scooters and motorbikes. The most people I saw on one motorbike was 6 and probably the most unusual thing looked like a whole forest [unfortunately I didn't get photos of them]

A nice gate on this one too for Thursday Doors

 Buildings seem to be plonked on top of other buildings.
There is a wide range of windows in the photo below.
I took this photo through a window because I like the roof on the building below.

And finally a brightly lit restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. 
It was my brother in law who pointed out the name.
Also another one for Cee's Which Way Challenge. And if you think traffic actually stops at the crossings, think again, traffic just goes around you as you walk over the road, very scary.

I think that will be the last of my Asia photos, hope the post is not too long for you but there won't be a post next week. Enjoy your weekend.