Friday 14 June 2024

Friday Catch Up - 14 06 2024

 Doodlewash art Challenge

Friday Face Off

10. Thermos, 11. Elf Owl

9. Boardwalk
12.  Lantana

Some of the windows of St Helen's Church at Beamish

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Friday 7 June 2024

Friday Catch Up - 07 06 2024

Doodlewash Art Challenge

1. Aardvark
2. Pebbles 
3. Lemur, 4. Sugarcane
5. Tomato, 6. Hornbill
7. Mallow, 8. Takahe

Birthday Card
My Granddaughter made me a birthday card featuring me and her, a good one for Friday Face Off

Gelliplate Prints
Can you see the faces on the first one? It's an image transfer by using a page from a magazine.
I used handmade stamps and found objects for the next two

Church windows at Beamish Museum

More from Beamish, this time the office in the mining village



Friday 31 May 2024

Friday Catch Up - 31 05 24

 I had visitors staying last week and didn't manage to post or look at blogs.

Doodlewash Art Challenge

Friday Face OffFriday Face Off

14. Hyena, 15. Road Sign, 16. Vulture, 17. Valley

18. Whale

19. Woodland

20. Cocktail, 23. Trousers

21. Armchair

22. Sable Antelope

Collage/Gelli Prints
I gelli printed pages from an old calendar then collaged
I used photos from an old magazine to make the rhinorse

Pen doodles were used on this page

The words tree [16 times] were cut from magazines and the larger gold circles are chocolate coin wrappers.


Thursday Doors
Joe the Quilter's Cottage, Beamish [poor Joe was murdered]
if you would like to know about Joe and the cottage click on this link at the History Blog.


Cee's Which Way Photo Challenge

Flower of the Day - Dead or Alive

Gelli Print

The same print but altered in Photoshop using a filter

Friday 17 May 2024

Friday Catch Up - 17 05 24

1. Fruit, 2.Cup & Saucer

3.Bucket, 4.Red

4.Red, 5.Food Mixer


7. Pen [two kinds - animal enclosure and writing implements]

8. Avocet, 9.Sunshine

10. Cardboard Box


12.Cathedral [Durham, UK]


My plant app says this is a Portland Rose but it isn't, it's a Camellia. I've had quite a few flowers on the shrub this year, the most ever, but unfortunately they don't stay on long and the blooms end up on the floor in a heap especially if it rains.

Hexies - English Paper Piecing
I've made quite a collection of hexies [293] so now I'm going to start sewing them together. I found a nice box to keep them in.

Looking through a hotel window at Saltburn

Pull up a Seat - Wallington

Thursday Doors - I found a couple more photos from Asia
The first was on a boat in Ha Long Bay, the second was a hotel room door.

A lovely big tree seen in Lumpini Park, Bangkok

I've actually been away to Cyprus and I will share a few photos with you over the coming weeks.
Enjoy your weekend.