Tuesday, 19 August 2014

TAST 122, 123 , 125

122 - chained bar used as couching on a strip of tweed.
123 - woven chained bar also running stitch - at the time of doing them I didn't think I was doing them very well so I only did two....but they don't look too bad.
124 - beaded herringbone over ribbon - I found a bit tricky to start with, would probably be easier on an evenweave fabric.
I've used handmade paper as a background on all three pieces.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tast 119, 124

Take a stitch Tuesday 
Tast 119 - woven trellis stitch with bead in centre stitched on handmade paper.

Tast 124 - closed herringbone stitch, running stitch, scraps of coat fabric stitched on handmade paper. I applied the fabric scraps to help me keep a neat line.
Go to Pintangle to see a neat version

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tast and SC4,5

Hand printed leaves on fabric, chiffon layers, embroidery and beads.
The stitches on the left include variations of beaded buttonhole stitch (tast 118), beaded feathered chain stitch (tast 113), beaded fly stitch, running stitch.....the one that looks like a caterpillar is beaded vandyke stitch (tast 116). 
On the right is beaded fly stitch and feather stitch to which I applied the beads afterwards.
If you want to learn to embroider or learn some new stitches join in the tast challenge. 

Below are two quick drawings for the 30 day drawing spoonchallenge
prompt 4 - river
prompt 5 - lemon [incorporating hand lettering]

Monday, 11 August 2014


Paper mache, pages from an old book were used for the top coat.

I've been in London over the weekend to see my daughter and son in law.

We were going to go to the London Museum yesterday but the rain was so heavy we decided not to. But the rain decided to join us inside so after mopping the floors I took photos of Audrey the cat.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Paper Mache Fox, SC3

We had a play day with paper mache at a friends house a couple of weeks ago.
My creation started as a fox, I'm not sure it looks much like one now.
 I used recycled envelopes [insides] for the top coat and sequins with drawing pins for the eyes.
It needs putting on a board to straighten it out.

Spoonchallenge  day 3 - tree