Friday 19 July 2024

Friday Catch Up - 19th July 2024

World Watercolor Month / Doodlewash

13. Arch, 14. Spiral

15. Vitamins, 16. Fiber, 17. Plant

18. Record

19. Widen

Gelli Plate Printing
I used real leaves and flowers with acrylic paints

I have a scrawny rose bush in my garden but it had these beautiful roses on it, just the two.

The photos for Thursday Doors, Monday Window and Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge were all taken at Sizergh Castle, a medieval manor with lovely gardens in the Lake District. It's a National Trust property and I have a lot more photos to share another time.

We actually had a day with no rain and it was hot!
Enjoy your week whatever the weather.


Friday 12 July 2024

Friday Catch Up - 12 July 2024

    World Watercolour Month / Doodlewash July

Friday Face Off

12. Scratch
7. Study & 8. Feather

9. Trunk & 10. Buried
11. Huddle

Sewing - I made this for a baby gift. It comes as a fabric panel which you cut, sew and fill.

Flower of the Day - Allium, I think

Monday Window - interesting building in Saltburn

Thursday Doors - Gran Canaria 2022

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday 5 July 2024

Friday Catch Up - 05 07 2024

 Doodlewash Art Challenge

Friday Face Off

June 28. Duck Orchid [ok the eye is an extra]
29. Cuttlefish
30. Upside Down Cake

1. Pattern, 2. Rush
3. Turn, 4. Signal
5. Patch, 6. Rusty

There are some new things to see at Beamish like this pottery. You can have a go but you have to turn the stone with your hand while you shape the pot with the other.
The pottery
The woodturner/carver
Drovers Tavern 

Friday 28 June 2024

Friday Catch Up - 28 06 2024

 Doodlewash Art Challenge

Friday Face Off

22. Cat, 23. Trifle

20. Sea Bunny

21. Redstart

24. Pangolin

25. Shima Enaga

26. Goblin Shark

27. Farm House

Beamish Museum - all from the Aged Mineworker's cottages from the 50's apart from the one with green door [looking through the window] which was in the pit village and the door into the cupboard storing bobby helmets from the 50's village police house.

at Waldridge [taken in February]

Sending flowers to Cee's Flower of the Day