Friday, 11 September 2009

From Sketch to Fabric

The fabric was for a competition entry a few years ago [while I was at college in 2005] held by the Bradford Textile Society, for digitally printed fabric [section 2] - my theme was Games. I started with painting a board and I collaged cut & torn papers. Then everything was scanned into the computer, and I separated the images from the background and arranged them on the screen. Other drawings were added and also an image of an old games board and after lots and lots of experimentation I arranged them so that the pattern would repeat. [Trial and error, although there was a program at college which could do repeats, I never did get the hang of it, (although I must admit I only ever tried it once - it wouldn't repeat in a way I wanted it to!)]
I had to show the design on boards in different colourways

And the finished design was printed on linen at college [CCAD] on one of those big digital textile printers.I was awarded a commendation by the Bradford Textile Society.


  1. these are all so beautiful, so complex and so pretty, I especially love the colorways on the one at the bottom.

  2. this is such a wonderful and beautiful design!!! It really rocks!!! I just adore all that color in there too. Awesome!!!


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