Thursday, 8 April 2010

Time for Tea

Another picture from the 'Layers' exhibition.
A vintage tablecloth was used for the background which was painted in some areas. The table, chairs etc were painted & outlined with coloured watercolour pencil. Individual cakes etc - paint & hand embroidery, mini buttons, beads. The items were applied to the background. Wadding & backing fabric applied. Quilting/stitching around all items & on wc pencil line. The 'wallpaper' on background was hand quilted. Wrapped around a frame. Size 50x70cm
This one was even harder to stitch in places than the canvas one posted a few days ago [Early Bird] as there were more layers to go through. I had to use pliers in one or two places it was so stiff but my fingers have recovered!

This is the original doodle that inspired the above


  1. Wow beautiful, both pictures! I love, love the snakes on the tea table! xoxo

  2. your finished piece is amazing! the stitching adds so much charm. and the colors are yummy and sweet!


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