Friday, 19 August 2011

Bird in a Cage, IF & RS 34-36

This was created using 2 pictures from The Graphics Fairy, the bird and the cage. The background is one of my creations using stamps and handmade rolling stamps.
The challenge this week with Illustration Friday is the word 'Influence'.
I saw the picture of the penguin in a magazine which I cut out, and I was influenced by it to create the page to stick it on.

More rolling stamp ideas for you to try
RS35 uses shop bought fun foam shapes stuck to a gravy carton
RS34 is another one cut from a wine cork

and RS36 is a cord wrapped around a container


  1. Yes...but ARIZONA gave the LIST last WEEK on the OBS.
    And the rest just fell into place with the NURSES talking JEWFOUNDLAND and HURE- HYDRA with PLO.

  2. Heisann! Great influence, I have not yet had mine ;:OD)
    And thanks for the running stamp idea, I might use the creative tool in teaching my students ;:OD)

  3. Adore the bird in the cage and your background is particularly fine.

  4. bird in the cage, but like i wanted it more detailed in the cage place becuase the background is taking over the cage

    1. The bird cage is available at the Graphics Fairy without my background.


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