Friday, 23 September 2011

Ferocious and Tassels

The theme for Illustration Friday is 'ferocious'. I had a spell of drawing weird creatures so I thought I would use one of those.
This week I've been having a sort out in the loft as we are getting some more insulation, actually it needed a good sort out anyway, but the insulation was the incentive. I evidently did tons of work when I did my City & Guilds & Degree, boxes of the stuff, so some of it has to go and I thought I would photograph it before I say tarar to it. Some I've already dumped, not photographed, some I'm hanging onto until I do photograph it and some I don't know whether I will actually part with when push comes to shove. Below are the photos of some tassels I did for City & Guilds [embroidery]


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