Friday, 14 October 2011

This weeks Illustration Friday challenge is 'scattered'. I used an older drawing but have altered it digitally and scattered shapes from the trees onto the ground, like leaves. Topical too as this is what is happening outside at the moment, that is leaves falling from the trees not shapes.
I said a few weeks ago that I had a sort out in the loft and some of the things I found were from my City & Guilds embroidery course. I've enjoyed looking through the stuff, quite funny some of it like this plate of cakes. We were given the bronze coloured metallic scourer to do something creative with and I came up with cakes.

Another strange item was this, can you guess what it is before I tell you?

there are lots of fabric strands..... and beads, sequins and some paper beads too

not forgetting embroidery

Below is a photograph, its not a very good picture as it is a photo of an old photo. But it is a seaweed covered rock, and that was my inspiration for the above piece. Did you guess?

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