Monday, 19 December 2011

Handmade Buttons and Book

Continuing from yesterday - handmade gifts. I made buttons for two friends and a sketchbook for the other. I made three different kinds of buttons. The clear ones were hand drawn on shrink plastic, a great idea I first saw on this blog . I bought the wrong plastic and the wrong size punch so they are quite small buttons. Also some were not exactly round - but it adds to their uniqueness, or so I tell myself. 

These are made up of French Knots sewn on a non fray fabric [fliselina/vilene] then glued to 'Dress it up' 'make-a-button' button shanks.

These I made with the 'prym easy cover button shells', lace on silk.

These are also on the easy cover shells, French knots and two kinds of fabrics inspired by Karen Ruane's lovely work

For the button cards I started with labels from The Graphics Fairy which I altered, printed and distressed. They looked like this to start with.

For the book I made, I used unused printed patterns {passap knitting patterns} and the insides of used envelopes - have you ever looked at these, there are lots of different kinds of patterns, great for collage and backgrounds.

All the pages shown below, click on the images for a better look.


  1. Lovely buttons Lin. I have been collecting envelopes for a few years and have well over 100 different patterns and colours including green-orange-purple-brown-yellow and pink.
    The are an amazing source for art.

  2. OMG these buttons are to die for, Linda! Just gorgeous!

  3. Hi Linda, Kimanh from SPW. Your buttons are gorgeous! My buttons go a little skew as well (I just pinch them a little while they are still warm). I love love love your french knots on two kinds of fabric buttons! Gorgeous!


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