Friday, 3 February 2012


Take a Stitch Tuesday - this weeks stitch is Herringbone Stitch
and I did actually get it done on Tuesday, but there has been a lot of dust and chaos around here!
Most of the patches are hand painted/stamped papers and transfer printed lace, another page for the fabric journal.
We are having a new kitchen, but before it is put in we have had rewiring done, so lots of new holes in the walls and ceiling - the plasterer covering over the mess as I write. At the moment it is an empty room, all the old units and fittings taken out, no central heating or lights/electricity in there, and kitchen contents spread around the house, so as you can imagine there has been quite a bit of disruption with power off at times and no access to my computer[!] and the dust gets everywhere.....still it will be great when it is done.


  1. What a fab stitched piece Lin.

    That does sound like a lot of disruption - still as you say it'll be worth it in the end .... and don't forget to let us see photos!

  2. That is a very appealing sampler - a piece of art in itself.
    Isn't TAST fun?

  3. I love your coordinate colors

  4. A lovely page to display your stitching, Connie.


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