Thursday, 22 March 2012

TAST 12, Catkins and Chinese Lanterns

The stitch this week is 'barred chain stitch' and 'alternating barred chain stitch'. I have never done these stitches before, in fact they are not even in my stitch encyclopedia either. I did have trouble at first, my excuse is that I was trying to remember from memory how to do it, but  think I got it right in the end.
The work which will be a journal page is on a background of navy fabric which looks black from here. The other colours do not look as they should either, it does look better in life but it is not my favourite. The four patterned pieces are actually paper, two are hand printed/painted/stamped and the other was a laser print which I painted. There is also machine embroidery, painted lace, bits from a patterned sheer bag, French Knots, a section of tape measure and a flower charm. Click on the image to enlarge.
It is the season for some lovely catkins, this is a small willow tree.

I actually did this digital collage last year, but forgot to post it.

A friend gave me these skeleton Chinese Lanterns, aren't they great?

I like the shadows on the lower two photos


  1. Oh, I do love those Chinese lanterns!

  2. That Chinese lantern is amazing, I have never seen one before! I love how you are doing your TAST samples and agree that this stitch was quite tricky and had a mind of it's own :-)

  3. Lace in flowers and in your work !


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