Monday, 3 September 2012

Fabric Design and Handmade Book

I did a project with the theme of games years ago at college and I still use the old drawings from them nowadays from time to time. I used a collage last week, something very similar to the one above. I have altered it a little and put it on Spoonflower as a fabric, not proofed yet so they won't sell it to you, but if anyone one wants to buy yardage let me know and I will arrange to get the proofing done.
Below is another handmade book I finished a while ago but forgot to post. All the pages are shown on the last two photos, click on them to see it more clearly. The pages are recycled books, laser prints, envelopes etc - all painted the same colour.

It seems that I am almost out of storage space for photos on blogger..... !?!

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  1. It's good to see people using spoonflower alot more now, and designing more and more Fabrics.


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