Monday, 21 January 2013

Frog Crossing and Fabric Designs

I've been meaning to show you this since last year, a frog crossing. My sister saw this in Suffolk and thought I would like it.

Below are some of my fabrics that are now for sale on Spoonflower [the link is on the right].
This is the eight inch fabric swatch I got from Spoonflower - the pattern was inspired by tiles I saw at the Alhambra, Spain

And this is what it should look like it in repeat [minus the text of course]
another swatch - this one developed from a painting where I had used a handmade rolling stamp
and the repeat
another swatch - this one was to coordinate with my frog fabric which also has spots on a mushroom
and the repeat
another swatch - I altered an old doodle to enter the competition 'stars and stripes'. I had a doodle of striped stars which chopped around a bit.
and the repeat

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