Thursday, 18 July 2013

Into the Woods

The Sketchbook Challenge - Into the woods.
above - collaged page from book, collaged leaves - these are real leaves but painted, I used them for leaf printing with last year. The white lacy areas were made with a roll of decorative tape - I stuck it down, painted over it with brusho inks then removed the tape.

I used more of the decorative tape to act as a resist for this picture too. The tape was from the £ shop - 3 for a £1, it leaves the paper very sticky after removing it but I find that sprinkling a little talc over it eliminates the problem. The tree was made from book pages, overlapped and stuck together. I painted over the tree before sticking down to background.

This was the picture after sticking the tree to the background. I then applied various crayons - wax, metallic. I painted over the whole page with black brusho.

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