Saturday, 17 August 2013

Even more of Beamish

 a wall full of metal posters

The pictures above were taken in the open store, a behind the scenes collection [not open all the time]

The desk was in the farm house

The wash buckets were in one of the shops in the town

This is a 'new' building - St. Helen's church, a medieval building rescued from demolition at Eston and re built here. Read more here. All the bricks were numbered so they would know where to put them back together.

One of the horses


  1. I have heard of painting by numbers, here you have building by numbers. Interesting things to see.

    1. I hope rebuilding of the church was more interesting than painting by numbers [well I find pbn boring anyway]

  2. wow, what a lot of eye candy you've posted the last few days. Oh, wouldn't we crafters/artists love to have some of those organization pieces. I so want that desk!

    1. I would swap that desk for mine any day.


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