Friday, 13 September 2013

Pastel Book Pages [part 2]

Fancy hem stitch, variations of running stitch and French knots.
The flowery fabric is vintage fabric, the other fabric was created with transfer paints.

Right - Cloud filling stitch used as couching to hold fabric and lace in place.
Left - Raised Cross Stitch Flower, painted lace, sequins, painted fabric.

Right - crested chain stitch, vintage gingham and dyed laces, vintage suspender, scrap of yellow vintage fabric, lace, French knots, running stitch.
Left - Portuguese stem stitch, running stitch and French knots, gingham, dyed net curtain.

Right - hand painted fabric, dyed laces, running stitches, French knots, art buttons.
Left - wrapped coral stitch, French knots, vintage fabrics, lace

Right - painted tyvek with up and down feathered buttonhole stitch on the green spiral, fly stitch on the blue and feather stitch on the purple spiral, beads, sequins, hand painted fabric
Left - Dyed laces, embroidery, hand painted fabric, beads, sequins

Left - up and down feathered buttonhole stitch, lazy daisy stitches, beads, painted lace
Right - inside back cover


  1. Your stitch book looks lovely, a ver pretty record.

  2. With so much structure and 'sumptious surface' stitches this book must be THICK!

    1. Actually it is one of the thinnest fabric books I've done but that is because there aren't as many pages.


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