Monday, 16 February 2015

Book with Blue Cover

I've had a stack of pages ready for book binding since November and now I've actually bound them at last. For the cover I used a hand painted, stamped and embroidered piece of fabric.

I had done a little hand embroidery but it was so stiff to stitch I decided to use the machine instead. The tension wasn't right but I quite liked the effect so I stuck with it.

I put pages together in groups of three before stitching.

The pages are a mixture of hand painted, printed art work, music, envelopes, maps etc

This was the book before covering with the fabric. I used the cover of an old hard backed diary for the end pieces.


  1. This is lovely and a lot of effort has gone in to this.

  2. Oh, I always get green with envy when I see what other people can do in the way of book binding. Your example is especially attractive.


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