Thursday, 9 July 2015

WIP - Squares on Brown and Whitework Peacock

One of the items I started recently is the above. I had some upholstery samples lying about waiting to be put to good use. I'm hand stitching them on with running stitch. I may put fancy stitches on after....not sure yet.
I've also had this piece of linen in my stash for years so I decided to do some white stitching on it. I decided to use a page from lovely colouring book [Secret Garden by Johanna Basford] a gift from a friend for my birthday. I printed it on Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy and stuck it to the fabric. 
Since starting it I have had a few problems:
my stitching is not very neat nowadays
I had to print the pattern on more than one page [I enlarged too] and I am finding the edges keep lifting especially where they meet
the needle keeps getting sticky so I have to keep cleaning it with isopropyl [rubbing alcohol] 
 I won't see what it looks like until I've finished it and rinsed the solvy off
 keep changing my mind on which stitch to use
It will take a long time to stitch!

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