Monday, 25 April 2016

Springy Thingy Card

I followed instructions on a Make the Cut webinar recording [Apr 12, now on youtube] for this fold up card. There are perforated lines [cut with the Zing] for the folding lines. It took me ages to work out how to fold it but I got there in the end. Unfortunately with so much folding the thin card tore on one of the perforated lines after I'd painted it so I didn't spend much time decorating it or attach it to background card.
There is a youtube video by Annette Husband on how to make the card without a cutter, this was the original card, using a bone folder for scoring and steam punk decorated. I think if I'd watched this first I may have got the hang of folding quicker.


  1. Origami and other ways of folding paper is very popular in Japan. When I saw your beautiful card I remembered a such a folded card from a box of Japanese sweets. There was a picture on the flaps that, when folded out, expanded. With this folding design you have so many options for decorating and illustrating. Looking forward to how you will develop this design!

  2. Very neat looking card and nicely done :)


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