Friday, 16 December 2016

Decorated Jar and Bottle

Continuing from yesterday - we stayed overnight at one of our friends and the next morning we had a workshop decorating bottles. The little jar above was clear but I sprayed it with glass frosting after sticking stars to it. After it was dry I removed the stars and put in the lovely feathers and tied string around the neck.

I sprayed light frosting on the top 3/4 of the jar. After drying I stuck on paper circles [snow] which was waste from a circle punch. Our friend provided us with print outs to cut out but as I'm not very neat with cutting by hand, I cut mine out using my Zing Air. I put a few epson salts in the bottom of the bottle and a battery t-light candle. There is an excellent tutorial and scene printout for the candle jars at Shabby Art Boutique.

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  1. Two fantastic glass containers. I have a battery tea light that is obviously fake but if I put it in a jar like this it would be fantastic. I'll salvage a jar from the recycle bin and see what I can make.
    Thank you for the inspiration!


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