Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cut Work Book - Pages 44-53

Sketchbook 50

This book is for my collection of paper cuts. These were mainly designed on my tablet, transferred to the computer, then brought into 'Make the Cut' as a pixel trace and then cut with my cutting machine. The machine is a KNK Zing Air. I've used a variety of papers, cards and fabric. 

You may have noticed that I've not been posting recently, well it is because I have my daughter and family staying with me until they move into their new home. My 13th month old Grandson is sleeping in my studio and has two naps a day so I'm not getting much chance to do work or use my computer which is in the studio. Mind you I am having fun playing with him and I think I will miss them being here. They will not be that far away when they do move which is great.

Most of the tags are my own work, a few are from the MTC software

The red and black are fabric samples

I cut fun foam with the machine to use for stamping

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  1. You really should take the opportunity to enjoy the company of your grandson and his parents. Soon enough they will move into their own home, and soon after that your grandson will be all grown up. It goes SO fast!
    Your artwork is as always interesting and varied. Of what you show here I especially like the charming turtle at the end. Made for your grandson?


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