Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tiger Applique and Embroidery

I started this tiger last year, October I think and finished it in January but I've only just got round to sorting the photos [which were also taken in January] The tiger is now hanging on a wall but I'm thinking it may look better in a glass-less frame.

I started with layers of different patterned fabrics applied to a background fabric with Heat n' Bond. The black fabric [arranged so a lot of it is joined] was partly cut on my Zing but I ended up cutting some of it by hand. [I thought it was the machines fault at the time but it was user error], which was machine stitched on top of the patterned fabrics.
I then applied hand embroidery, running stitches, all over the patterned fabric.

This is a photo before the embroidery was applied.

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  1. The fabric only tiger is impressive, but the embroidery has blown real life into him. FANTASTIC! You are such a talented artist.


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