Thursday, 8 June 2017

Quiet Book for Elliot

This is a quiet book or activity book for my Grandson.
I used dinosaur fabric for the cover, used alphabet beads to spell his name, put on a handle for easy carrying and a strap with button for closure. The strap also has a few bells for noise.

Book rings keep the pages together.
I got most of the ideas from looking at Pinterest, [I was a bit brain dead when I started] and I did my version of what I saw but I also made up a few pages from scratch as ideas started coming once I started the project.
Barn with opening doors and belt buckle without the prong.
The owl was printed on my inkjet printer using transfer paper.
Inside are pockets which contain two small finger puppets.

I threaded various kinds of beads on cord which can be pulled about.
There are pipe cleaners inside of the man so that his arms and legs bend. He has a stumpwork head. I used a couple of my art buttons and put a small collage in the square pendant.
The frog has a little zip and when opened....
he has a long tongue with fly, yum yum.
I took a photo of Elliot's engine, added a few extras like the background and used transfer printing paper again. It was cut into four to make a mini jigsaw. Velcro is used to keep the pieces in place.
Keys - match with the black shape on the background. I've attached all the keys with thread so they don't get lost but I think it will probably end in a knotty mess.

Put the cat together

Fish, beads and sparkly bits all under a plastic fish bowl

Another one printed with transfer paper, and the wheels really do go round.
Dog with lead, a name can be added to the key ring around his neck.
An octopus with tendrils to touch and feel
Dungarees to unfasten
A mixed fruit tree, the fruits attached with different sized press studs

Counting with wooden beads on leather rope [may be a mistake because it stretches]
Giraffe with buttons and bows. This was one of my early favorites on Pinterest

Shoe with lace. There were lots of variations of this on Pinterest
Lift up the flaps to see....

Colour matching - socks in the dryer with opening door. 
The socks attach on the line with hooks and eyes.

A page of different textures to touch and feel

It is the first quiet book I've made but I enjoyed it. Some of the things in it are a bit old for my Grandson [he'll be 18 months soon] but he'll grow into it.
I think if I made another I would make it a little bigger, some things didn't work because they were too big for the pages. I started with fabric 6" x 6" for the pages but I put on a strip at the sides for the eyelets [it was making it too cramped with the stuff on the page and eyelets together]
Time will tell whether it does keep him quiet!

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  1. This is a fantastic book. So much effort has gone into it, and the ideas are awesome. I especially like the frog and his zipper mouth.
    I should make something like this for my husband's old aunt. Not only to keep her quiet, but to give her some meaning in life!


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