Monday, 14 August 2017

Festival of Quilts Visit

This is the wonderful ship my friend entered for the 3D competition at the Festival of Quilts.

Helen Dickson
'Release the Kraken'
Unfortunately, the background is a distraction so here is a close up of part of the ship.

These are some of the other random things I saw.
Makiko Aoki
'Cherry Blossoms at Night'

Lesley Brankin
'Big Brother'

Milena Zdravkova
'Some thoughts....'

Susan Gray
'Dancing with the Stars'

Robyn Fahy
'Purple Daisies' [part of the quilt, too many people around to take a photo of the whole of it]
2nd Prize Winner

Sue Nickson
'Grandmothers Flower Garden 2017'

Lucy Poland
'Cats Comparing Fish'

Sue Trevor
'Violin' [2nd Prize Winner]

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  1. I have seen Makiko Aoki's Cherry Blossoms at Night in Tokyo. It had this fantastic light!
    For many years I went annually to FOQ, but due to nursing care duties in Tokyo I have not been able to go in the last three years. Had I been there this year, it would have been lovely to meet up and look at the quilt together.
    Your friend must have spent a lot of time on her fantastic ship.


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