Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Quiet Book for Alysia

This is the second quiet book I have made and it is for my sister's granddaughter Alysia
She likes dogs so there are a few in the book

Two dog finger puppets

A page of removable flowers held on by buttons

A snail, the beads can be moved around his 'house'

A kitchen double page spread

The fridge door opens and food can be removed, the drawer fronts can be pulled off

The pan lid is removable and the food can be put into the pan

The family are held on by magnets. On the real book their faces are actual photos but I've disguised them for privacy

Another dog, this one with a zip

The zip opens to reveals a tongue and bone

A shoe to tie a lace

Numbers to the side and beads for counting

A furry teddy bear with squeaker in his paw

Another dog, this one with a removable lead

Lift the flaps to reveal faces with different expressions

A plastic pouch filled with beads, sequins, fish and shells

Lift up to reveal the felt fish

Colours, weaving and buckles

And the inside of the outer cover, a pocket with another Lissy doll

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