Thursday, 5 October 2017

Inktober 2017

I'm joining in with the Inktober challenge again this year. The challenge is to do one ink drawing each day. There is a prompt list if you need ideas. More details can be found here and here

I've decided to follow the prompt list but I'm not sure it is a good idea because I do the quickest drawings and they are not looking too good as you can see below.

1. swift

2. Divided

3. Poison

4. Underwater 

5. Long
[I used a Pilot Parallel Pen for the last two drawings]

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  1. These 'A-drawing-a-day' projects can be stressful. I am sure there are days you simply have the time/chance to make a 'good' drawing. Just enjoy the drawing whatever you think of the result.
    I like Divided best, as it is something I do every day, cutting food into sections to fill 9 hungry tummies.


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