Monday, 13 November 2017

Colouring my Drawings

I couldn't get to a new sketch book or the fabric I needed for a project because we are refitting the bathroom and there are things all over the place so I decided to colour in some drawings I did last year. They were ideas for some 3D layered pictures, the results can be found here.
Anyway back to the colouring. The top one I did with brush pens and it looks very messy.

I used watercolours on this one, doing the background last and it also looks messy.

I did the blue background first on this one and it looks better.

Same again, but it does alter the colours that are used on top.

The brown trees and bushes were already done from last year on this one.

I think my painting is getting as bad as my stitching, more untidy the older I get!

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  1. Ha, ha!
    I think you are stressed out with the work being done in your house.
    A Canadian blogger I follow has a stock of paper where the background is coloured, then she adds whatever on top. The base has dried properly, the ink settled.
    Did you do these on paper or on your tablet?
    I love the tree in the last picture!


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