Monday, 5 February 2018

Sample Book 1

Sample Book 1 - samples from City & Guilds embroidery course, Surface Design Degree course, from doing work at home etc ranging over more years than I care to mention.
The cover was made from a screen print, I wrote the words on it with a biro before I attached it to the pages.
Sample of colours from a digital printer I had for fabric at home [no longer have this].
Screen print, digital print on sheer fabric, sheer fabric from a scarf, stitching.
Snowman family- hand embroidery, a small piece of vintage tablecloth with embroidery [German Buttonhole stitch & Raised Band Buttonhole stitch], 2 art buttons.
 [details on how to make the buttons below page heading]
Screen printed fabric, running stitch, art button, freehand machine embroidered penguins.
Screen print, digital print on sheer fabric enhanced with running stitch.
Handmade paper with melted plastic, chiffon layer and embroidery [mainly French Knots and Running stitch].
Painted background, screen printed fabrics, appliqued, beads, buttons and fringe.
Screen printed fabrics, appliqued, buttons and beads.
These two samples were part a degree project for children's clothes.
Layered sweet wrappers held together with sheer fabric and machine stitching.
Sample of appliqued fabrics, running stitch. A piece of linen fabric, two art buttons. Leaf made with freehand machine embroidery on soluble fabric, some metallic threads.
Painted fabric on bondaweb surface, puff binder, embroidery, handmade clay buttons, flower made with freehand machine embroidery on soluble fabric.
Marbled fabric, embroidery on aida fabric.
Painted handmade paper, manipulated and embroidered.
Transfer painted fabric [ie transfer paint on paper and transfer to fabric by ironing], embroidery.
Background patchwork. Felted wool moved into shape of trees, embroidered.
Handmade paper, real leaves [could be rosemary]. sheer fabric, metallic fabric paint, embroidery with metallic threads.
Gelli printed fabric, flowers and leaves made with freehand machine embroidery on soluble fabric.
Hardhanger sample for a tablecloth [City & Guilds]
Screen printed fabric background. Discharge printed fabrics. Paper strips and embroidery. Transfer print. Stitching. Bleach print and embroidery. Paper with foil milk bottle tops, sequins and metal beads. Screen print on sheer with embroidery and patch.
Embroidery, sequins and beads [I think this was my first embroidery as a schoolgirl]
Digital fabric print, inkjet fabric prints. Painted, stamped, layered fabrics with embroidery. Scrap of layered, painted fabric with net top and embroidery. Glittery gold card button.
New York screen prints on fabric, leather and chamois.
Reverse applique, machine stitching. Blackwork, art buttons.
Digital print [colour test]. Machine embroidery strips. Hand embroidery, beads [I think some of these were TAST {Take a stitch Tuesday}samples]. Canvas stitching. Freehand machine embroidery.
Background patchwork - various - transfer print,stamped, drawn and painted, digital [Spoonflower print], inkjet print on fabric. Stained glass window patchwork, machine embroidery.
Digital print, machine embroidery.
Digital print, machine embroidery. Cross stitch berries. Two art buttons.
The digital prints were try outs of pictures I used to make [see here]
Background patchwork - various - painted, digital, stamped, drawn and painted, digital [Spoonflower print], inkjet print on fabric. Patchwork of shiny fabrics and loose threads. Painted fabric and freehand machine embroidery, smocking sample[bought]
Flower made with freehand machine embroidery on soluble fabric with thread and fabric. Silk painted background.
Marbled fabric. Appliqued flowers taken from old t-shirt and rearranged. Clay decoration which got broken when I was doing the cover.
Painted fabric, the threads from the holes made were folded back and used to add texture to the petals, textured fabric in the holes, couched threads for stalks and leaves.
Painted fabrics, applique, beads and sequins.
Test digital print.

Below are pictures of the pages before making into a book.

I joined two pages together right side facing, stitched around three sides, turned right side out, then stitched together the remaining open end. 
 I used a bookbinding method to join the pages, then added a cover. I didn't photograph the pages joining the cover as it wasn't that good.

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