Monday, 23 April 2018

3D Printing

Before Christmas my husband was wanting ideas for gifts and I said I wouldn't mind one of those 3D pens so it was a big surprise when I opened a large box with 3D printer in it, it was not a pen but a printer!
But it is very hard for my little brain to learn how to design things to print. All the items here are not my designs, they are available on the web.

I put the fairy house in my miniature garden

Items are printed in a plain colour such as this brown. This is the fairy house before I painted it.

This dinosaur has three poorly's, my toddler Grandson thought it would be fun to throw him down, but it is quite delicate in places.

This is the printer if you were wondering what it looked like.

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  1. I have seen the result of 3D printing, but not the printer itself. Fantastic! I am sure you soon start designing your own ideas, but play around with ideas from the wed.
    Looking forward to your progress.


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