Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Altered Book - Pages 126-138

For these collages I used old calendars, magazines plus art work. You can probably tell that one of the calendars was all about fairies [historical art]. The other was close -ups of things, above is a scallop shell as a background.

The lady [by John Simmons 1872] was from the fairy calendar but the man and text were from an old Woman's Weekly, early 1980's

The background is 'dark peat stained water of a river in flood', the fairy by John Atkinson Grimshaw in 1879, the dog from the Woman's Weekly.

This is a close up of a Macaw's wing and characters from the fairy calendar.

I gave the fairy a paintbrush to finish the pretty background.
She is from The Fairy Dance by Grace Jones c1920

The background features raindrops on a Lady's Mantle leaf.
The fairy by Walter Jenks Morgan [1847-1924]
The house was from an old arts magazine.

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  1. There are as many fairies as there are people! Each in an individual, in looks, behavior and activity.
    If I were a fairy I'd want a doll house to play with!


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