Sunday, 29 July 2018

English Paper Piecing Cushion

As you can see I have finished the paper pieced cushion. It was made up of three shapes - decagons [10 sides], polygons [5 sides] and elongated hexagons [6 sides]. My intention was to be very neat and not show any of the stitches [the shapes were all hand stitched together], but I'm afraid I didn't succeed. I tried a few different ways of stitching them together [tutorials can be found on Pinterest] .I'm not sure if I have a favourite technique, I think it all depended on the access to a particular bit, for instance it is much easier to sew two small shapes together than when there are large pieces to join.

It was made from a pack of 5" charming squares which determined the size of the cushion.
The fabric is called "Enchanted Forest" by Lewis and Irene. I bought a fat quarter the same as some of the squares and made an envelope type cushion [hate putting zips in]. There were a few blue scraps left so I edged the overlap, which made it slightly bigger which was better.


  1. First of all, the fabric is fabulous! Secondly, you have made a design of three different shapes, thirdly the way you have cut and put together the pieces make a fantastic one-of-a-kind cushion.
    A zipped fastening is not always the best way, here you have a reversible cushion because of the overlap.
    Congratulations on a very charming cushion!


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