Friday, 8 February 2019

Elliot's Monster Toy

This is Elliot's monster with spiky bits on the ears and three legs. I made him from calico, the orange lines are heat transfer vinyl. I machine stitched around the edges. So it wouldn't fray I painted the edges with PVA and also painted the legs and ears to make them stiff. Then stuffed him.

Below is Elliot's original drawing, I tidied it up a little and cut it from vinyl on a digital cutter
I did have a go at altering it even more but I like the cuteness of the original drawing so decided to do the toy from that.

He also had a go at writing his name so I put that on the back with the date.
I'm probably a biased Grandma but I think he does very good drawings for a three year old [just 3 in December]

Others pictures, this one is his dad
This one is a self portrait with belly button
And this one is of me, his Grandad and his mum


  1. Elliott has talent, I love his drawings and the wonderful toy you made. You are right to be proud of your grandson. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Ooooh, what fun creatures you have made!
    Thanks for email 😀
    Happy weekend xx

  3. What a great post, loved seeing the monsters and drawings.
    You've every right to be a proud Grandma :)

    All the best Jan

  4. oh how sweet to transfer your grandchild's drawing into a stuffed toy-love it! happy PPF!

  5. What a creative way to showcase that artwork, his monster really has taken on a form of his own and now brought to life so he can be loved that little bit more.
    Thank you for sharing this sweet piece. Happy PPF Tracey

  6. Well, his grandmother IS a great artist, isn't she?

  7. How priceless these drawings are!
    I love the toy you made for Elliott from his drawing!
    Artistic genes run in the family~

  8. wow, this is fun for both of you. To create together :) Nice memories for the future.

  9. So fantastic that you made a pillow from the drawing. Love it! His drawing are really imaginative! So glad you are encouraging him to play.


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