Friday, 9 August 2019

Ferns, Leaves, Acorns, Pinecones, Berries, Herbs

Sometimes I cannot think what to draw so to give my creativity a boost I have been going through the book '20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature' by Eloise Renouf
My sketchbook pages are 15cm square.


  1. These pen and inks are extraordinary. I LOVE them. Your artwork fills my eyes, which is the the greatest compliment I can give.

  2. Such a wonderful idea and so lovely.
    You can always count on Mother's Nature for inspiration 🌴🌲🌳

    Happy PPF 💮

  3. Your botanicals are amazing! I like looking through my various art books too, when I can't think of what to draw, since it gets my creative juices going. Happy PPF!

  4. You have much to learn and you have made great job.
    Happy weekend 🍀

  5. Well done. I try find inspiration from barns. And nature. I've been a bit slow these days, though. Yard work is consuming me.

  6. Great work, especially the acorns.

    All the best Jan


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