Saturday, 27 February 2010

Mythical Mail - page 5 Dr Foster & curly snow

Dr Foster went to Gloucester
In a shower of rain
He stepped in a puddle
right up to his middle
& never went there again

I thought I would also show these photos of the snow on my car windscreen, there wasn't a lot of it, but it had curled over & looked unusual [well I've never seen it do that anyway]. There is not much snow left anywhere else, just on my windscreen


  1. HAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is so cool!! Snow that curls!! HE HE HE HE!! This is a hoot for sure. I'm really digging these letters! They are blues chasers for sure. Great job! I will let you know if the dancing is working on the snow. he he he he!!

  2. Oooo i love your mythical mail pictures! They are so brilliant! Really fun idea :)


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