Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Spider & Fish Sketch

a page from a sketch book - the spider was drawn with pencil & didn't show up very well so I altered it a little and the colours you see underneath are from the other side of the page, quite a nice effect I think.


  1. what beautiful sketches - I really like how the page underneath came through.
    Have you seen Frida Kahlo's diary book - its all printed like that with the other page bleeding through.

  2. I'm fascinated with all the details in your sketches!

  3. Thank you both. I hadn't seen Fridoa Kahlo's diary book [or her sketches], thanks for telling me about it. I stopped drawing on both sides of the paper because of the show thru when scanning, but it can look good sometimes.

  4. I love peeking in other peoples' sketchbooks -- and the spider with the background showing is fanatstic!


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