Thursday, 18 March 2010

Altered Flower Book (p9,10) & Foam Stamps

The large bluebells are made from fabrics, the one on the right has been stitched, both hand & machine, (paper stalks/leaves) the smaller flowers are playing card foam stamps.

The picture with spade is a watercolour with outlines stitched. The stamps (all over pattern on background) has been made from a foam playing card [as seen in yesterday's post]. The design has been drawn on with a black Sharpie pen [some other pens work too] & ink pads for colour. Sometimes the print leaves a black outline, sometimes it looks white like batik, sometimes a bit of both. And you can stamp more than once, the colours & marks last for ages! Various samples are shown below including some on fabrics. The larger bits were done on fun foam, these can be left floppy or they can be glued down with doublesided sticky tape onto something firm like flat polystyrene or wood.

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