Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mythical Mail - page 12, Jungle Book

I have to thank Helen for the gorgeous recycled stamps here.

I had a fright the other day. I was straightening the bed covers when I saw a creature scurrying across the bed behind the pillows next to the headboard. What the hell was that? Was it a giant cockcroach or a small mouse? Well I was going out & I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep later knowing there was something lurking, so I thought I'd better be brave & investigate. I moved the pillow & there the creature was. Bet you can't guess what it was, so I'll tell you. It was the round replacement sponge from my headphones! The headphones were hanging around the post on the headboard & one of the sponges must have sprung off & rolled off across the bed. What a relief & a laugh.

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  1. hehehehe I love this post. Funny! That happened to me you know. I have a lady bug problem all winter. I vacuum them up and they keep coming back. I can't go to bed until i know all of the ladies are gone. Yep, Me don't like insects much though I do try to see the beauty in them. Anyways, than you for visiting! It's nice to meet you!!I love your blog!


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