Friday, 30 July 2010

Leafy Sea Dragon Sketch etc & Illustration Friday - Artificial

Pen sketches above of jellyfish, mantid, leafysea dragon etc and below is my picture for the Illustration Friday challenge - Artificial
The petals are from an artificial flower, they also have a sequin & bead in the centre. The background paper has a bit of collaged newspaper and it's been painted and stamped [hand made stamps of course]. I had dipped the flowers in dye some time ago but I ended up with pink fingers as the colour had not been 'set'. I cropped the work but I think I prefer it before cropping, see the bottom picture.


  1. Very cool! You have a lot of neat stuff on your blog Lin!

  2. oh wow!!! these are fantastic!! wonderful work

  3. Love the rich brown weathered look. I think I like it uncropped also.


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