Saturday, 28 August 2010

Chalk or Make Up

I don't wear make up very often but because of the wedding I decided to buy some new items. I decided to throw my old stuff out as I'd had some of it for years. But then I thought - the eye shadow could be similar to the chalks you can buy [ie pebbles chalks] so I experimented and the result is the sample above. I used a paintbrush and water, then covered it with a thin layer of napkin/pva, then painted over with the chalks again. I finished with a coat of pva so it wouldn't rub off. I added the photograph of the swan [below] on the computer.


  1. What wonderful idea you are so clever and I am off to the bathroom to dig into the cabinet for all the old make up.

  2. Wow, nice work with an unusual medium! Good for you, Lin.
    Paula at


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