Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Flowers and Cakes

The flowers included herbs, like rosemary.
The wedding cakes were 2 large hearts, named and edged with cupcakes. Between these was a cheese cake, or rather a cheese tower. I didn't make the cakes this time.
I did start a new project yesterday but it didn't go to plan, hopefully I'll have a better creative day tomorrow.


  1. Hiya! I hope you don't mind me getting in touch but I just wanted to say hi because you're the geographically nearest (I think) person to me on the new Feeling Stitchy map! (I'm in Sheffield) At the moment you are somewhere in the North Sea! If you wanted to place your marker a little more accurately you just need to click 'edit' in the left-hand column, go to your name in the list and click on it, and then you should be able to move your marker on the map to exactly where you wish! If you click 'rich text' in the description box which pops up, you can give it nice colours and even choose a different icon for you by clicking on the blue marker (I've got a yellow sun now!) I put mine sort of near my house, but not too near because I don't really want complete strangers turning up at my house!

    That cheese-cake looks crazy! I'm guessing the married couple really like cheese!

    Warm regards
    Joey x

  2. Oh sorry I forgot to say, don't forget to save changes! :-)


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