Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sketchbook Project [p20, 18]

Two more double spread pages from my 'Sketchbook Project'   'Below the surface....'
Because the pages are so thin I have started painting them with white gesso first, although I did the volcano one below before I thought of doing that. The textures [on the volcano] picture were made using handmade stamps & i used both acrylic and watercolour paints and outlined in pen. I also applied tiny gold balls which was a mistake because of course it makes the surface uneven for the other pages. Having said that the balls keep dropping off so there may not be too many left on soon. On the pages above I used pen and brush pens. It looks like I have used different coloured brown pens for the soil but I used one of those Tombow multi tip pens which are supposed to be the same either end!


  1. loving these! isn't it amazing how the ideas take off? Can't wait to see more, Sheila

  2. Thanks Sheila. You're right, one idea seems to spark off another.


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