Thursday, 9 September 2010

TAST - weeks 28&29

Take a Stitch Tuesday - the stitches for weeks 28 and 29 are variations of Raised Chain Stitch. I first came across this stitch when I was doing my City & Guilds embroidery and it was one of my favourites. I used it as a single band as shown above left rather than rows of stitches as on the right. A sample of my City & Guilds embroidery is at the bottom of this post, I don't like the sample but I like the stitch.
The next sample is more like a chain stitch, I did my first row wrong so that makes another variation.
below - City & Guilds sample, I used white thread for the foundation stitches as well as the top.


  1. I just love what you do with lace, Your stitching is beautiful.I like your City and Guilds Sample it is very creative.

  2. S cute


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