Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Green Embroidered Cushion

 A friend was having a sort out and gave me some leftover hand dyed fabric, it was actually a woolen scarf. I have already made a pincushion with this fabric which I posted in May [link], so the remainder I have made into a cushion. I had to cut bits & bobs to make it into a square and I have trimmed the tassels as they were rather long. Everything has been hand stitched with a pearl cotton [blanket stitch] including round the edge and incorporating the fabric on the back of the cushion [which is not the wool.] The big problem now is, how do I get the creases out, they are being very stubborn.

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  1. Hi Lin, my suggestion is,learn to love the creases, I have them on my face and they are called 'character' :D


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