Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hand Made Bead Tree Decorations

I had a bag of junk, sorry I mean treasure from a friend who had had a clearout [I'm the junk magnet!(well you never know when some of it will come in handy)] and amongst the items were lots of those thin metal bangles and strings of beads. So I've combined the two to make some decorations. Just wrap the string of beads round and round the bangle until the ends meet, then twist the end bead round the other end bead to keep it in place. The red one is a thicker plastic bangle and the string of beads were not as long as the others, so they are kept in place with ribbon. The gold ones were longer, so a hanging loop was made with the extra length. The others can be hung from a tree as they are or you could attach a hanging loop with ribbon or thread.

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