Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scraps in the Scrappy Book

Remember the book I posted images of the other day - of just the collaged pages - well this is what it looks like inside with all the 'scraps' added.

Page 1 - textured art work with flowers and metallic embroidery, one with a piece of dyed lace and hand embroidery, found pink/metallic square?

Page 2 - playing cards, spotty brad, altered bangle with gingham and hand embroidery

Page 3 - computer bits, plastic circles, foil circles, round battery

Page 4 - goldwork on brown velvet. This was originally a little purse I made, but I didn't like it as a purse so it had a fight with a pair of scissors.

Page 5 -  [page 13 is actually page 5 but the photo of just the collaged page must have been blurred so I didn't use it & forgot to do another, so basically the numbers I'm calling them here are not what they actually are really]
Page 5 - painted and stamped paper with beaded trim of ribbon. Pulled thread work on dyed fabric [now slightly distressed]

Page 6 - layered fabrics, machine stitched. Painted music punched with stamp shape, threaded with metal wire. Little fabric house using vintage fabrics, machine stitched.

Page 7 - handmade fabric on sewing machine using metallic thread, sequins and beads. Handmade fabrics, one has a fur base with painted vilene and machine stitching, the other painted, layered with chiffon, puff binder, stitching & glitter.

Page 8 - the pink fringe is made from a cracker ends, which was layered. Plastic counters from a cracker.
Page 9 - the sample with the tree is layered and quilted, machine and hand embroidery, metal beads. The horse is plastic, a cast off from someone. Part of a metal/bead belt and dyed lace.

Page 10 - The fabric samples I think were bubble printed, then free machine embroidered and trapunto quilted. Part of a mini wooden fence. Fabric leaf.

Page 11 - The daisy is a design which was digitally printed on fabric, dyed blue lace. Collaged bird from torn magazine papers.
Page 12 - The fish were drawings which were digitally printed on fabric, machine stitched and cut out.

Page 13 [page 5] - A small sunflower and plastic netting. The music man - head is made from a whoopee cushion and found objects/batteries fro features, the body is a small cardboard box opened out, a flag, paper trousers, guitar from card making supplies.
The book is for sale on my website


  1. I love every bit of it and you make me want to start a similar project.
    xoxo Kim

  2. My are incredibly creative! Loving page 1 and 5 especially.

  3. Thanks folks. Go for it NuminosityBeads its fun to do.

  4. Hi Lin - wow to all the wonderful textures and colours, I want to run my fingers along your pages.

    Hehe looks like you enjoyed your fight with that old purse*!*


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