Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Money Tree

Money Tree - mixed media on canvas - this is a textured piece, the texture was built up on the tree with spaghetti, the dry kind of course, with molding paste then paper. I used acrylic paints, interference paints, metallic paints, iridescent paints and metallic pastels and real coins.
There was some fabric on the landscape part of the canvas from a previous life, this canvas has now been up-cycled twice. First it was a picture with the Angel of the North, then it became my first attempt at the money tree. [see pictures below] The first money tree picture was for sale on Art Gallery and it had been placed in a shopping basket 27 times but was never actually sold. I was never happy with it so I decided to change it, and I do like it now.

I recycled the angel too, cut up & used on other projects. Most of the green landscape is still on the new money tree canvas to add to the texture. There are more coins on the new version because there is one coin on top of another, although you cannot tell.

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