Thursday, 3 March 2011

Oriental Sea Transfer Printed Fabric

After doing the swarm picture the other day I remembered about a length of cloth I did similar to the background which has been just sitting in my drawer for a number of years. I didn't have any photos of it on the computer as it was made when I was at college -pre digital camera. It is a transfer print - ie I painted the paper with transfer paints then transferred the design onto man made fabric with a large heat press. Even on a large heat press the fabric had to be moved along as the fabric measures 294 cm x 60 cm. [nearly 3 metres long] To add extra interest to the painting I stitched the fabric and sandwiched objects such as dyed feathers and dyed cord, paper etc between the transfer paper and fabric. Another reason why I hadn't done photos of it is because I couldn't find anywhere to hang it to show all the length. Curtain poles are not high enough, my rooms are not high enough, so I laid it on the floor for the pictures below. The colours start light at the top and then deepen, the darkest being at the bottom. I still like it, but it doesn't go with anything in my house.
The piece was hung in the Durham Oriental Museum with the work of the other college students. Why do I call it oriental sea you may ask? Because the work was inspired by the sea paintings of Katsushika Hokusai.

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