Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pen Comparisons and Shape Doodle

 Earlier this year I bought an assortment of fine liners and did a similar drawing with each to compare them [above].
I repeated the exercise again recently [below]. 
Some of the pens don't work at all well although I have used some more than others. Having said that the two that don't work went like that very quickly although I wonder if the paper has spoilt the nibs, rather than the ink being all gone as they feel very scratchy. One of the Edding {1800 drawliner 0.05} has gone like that but the other Edding {1800 profipen 0.01} I like very much and is still working fine. I've not used the Pental Ultra Fine as much as the others as it produces a thicker line but it is smooth.
I doodle using a number stencil - a personal shape challenge

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