Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sketchbook Challenge & My Lace Stamp

Above is another brush pen drawing I did for the sketchbook challenge - theme for June is Pathways. The tortoise has his 'sat nav' with him so he will know which pathway to take.

I actually got round to using  a kit I got for a present yonks ago. It is called 'imagepac' and it is to make your own stamps. I altered a bit of lace on the computer to create the stamp. I am actually surprised the stamp worked because I didn't have the right light bulb & it was a more awkward to do. You get some sachets which you put under a light which hardens & this makes the stamp. See picture [not very good one I'm afraid] below and below that is how the stamp prints

I did lots of prints with it to make a repeat pattern. My inking technique is not perfect but you get the idea.


  1. These are LOVELY lace stamps! Glad you are enjoying the Sketchbook Challenge too. I love to drool over all the Flickr entries. Thanks for following my blog.

  2. Great News! Hence 72 featured on Lost At E Minor website


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