Monday, 7 November 2011

Sewing - TAW

Take a Word challenge - Sewing
I've used a page from a vintage book, parts of which have been rearranged. The sewing machine is from Graphics Fairy. The hand embroidery is my own from various projects.
Click to enlarge - it is interesting to read what people used to do in the 'olden' days.


  1. I love this collage especially the wonderful embroidery! I have been told that my grandmother was quite an expert at re-working clothing--which was a good thing because she had nine children!

  2. Thanks Lizbethem. My grandmothers had big families too, one had 8 children and the other had 6 boys. There was a lot of 'hand me downs' too, not so much waste as there is nowadays. I found it hard enough clothing two, never mind nine!

  3. I think that sewing machine must have been a lot better than doing everything by hand. Great embroidery!


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