Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Vintage Collage/Memories and End of Sketchbook 9

The Three Muses challenge is Vintage Collage/Memories and I have to confess the two above that I am showing are old ones but I do still like to look at them. They are actually part of an altered book, a vintage sewing book, which had some informative and very amusing pages in it. The face in the top collage is my grandma who died in 1993 and the girl in the lower collage is my big sister as a tot in the fifties so they do bring back memories.

Below are the last pages of sketchbook 9


  1. Thanks for sharing these pages of your Sketchbook #9. I loved them both!

  2. Your art is so original and just fabulous...way to take it outside the box!!!

  3. Just original to present memories this way!
    I love your stylish work!

  4. Fantastic vintage collages, Lin! I also really enjoy your colourful sketches!

  5. Oh wow, now those I like!!!! Fantastic.


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