Monday, 26 March 2012

All about a Hat [TAW]

The Take a Word challenge this week is 'All about a hat'.
The top painting of watercolours on paper is from my 'shelter' series - frogs finding shelter. This little froggy has found shelter under a hat.
"Cyril frog needs to shelter
And then he spots a hat
Under he goes, nice and safe
A good place to hide from the cat."

Now the collage below is a little weird, I cannot remember what creature the legs were from, maybe a little pony but the upper half is cat, he is holding a bird and wearing a hat.
Watercolour background and found images of animals


  1. Absolutely pretty.
    Wonderful work. Love it.

  2. The watercolor is lovely and the collage so fun!

  3. Unique and fantastic work Lin !

  4. I love your watercolor hat piece! Beautifully done, with a nice touch of humor!

  5. Love your hats- like a breath of Springtime leisure!

  6. Your hat painting is exquisite and what can I say about the poor pussy cat!! Must be something in the water that has caused such a collection of strange spare parts!

  7. Your painting is great but what have you done to that poor little


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